Thursday, February 5, 2015

3 Bite Rule: a tool in portion control


 The 3 bite Rule is something I found on the internet while searching a few years ago or so.  Just another variation of bite counting!A tool in portion control. A tool to help us enjoy all those delicious yummy foods in tiny portions,and still reach our weight loss goals/ maintain our weight.

The 1st bite is delicious
The 2nd bite is confirming the first.
The 3rd bite your palate has had it it's fill--STOP

There are a few different variations of The 3 bite Rule.  

Variation #1 of the 3 bite rule: This is where one would eat 3 bites of each food offered at a meal. For example if you set down to a meal of meatballs, potatoes, salad and dessert, you would eat 3 bites of each of those foods and stop after that. 

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 The 3 Bite Rule also works well at buffets or potluck parties.  There may be a large variety of dishes to try, which normally sends dieters like me into a panic.  No worries!  Just have three bites of each.  Can this rule be taken to extremes and abused?  Absolutely. We are adults here, so if you follow the letter of the law but break the spirit of the law you are only hurting yourself.  In other words, three bites of 100 different foods could be a slight problem. Just use your good judgment

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  In the well known book, “Why French Women Don’t Get Fat,” author Mireille Guiliano explains how French women can eat pastries, breads and chocolates on a regular basis and not put on weight. One of her most important points is that the French savour their food and use all 5 senses when eating their meal and that French women don’t eat until they are full. She believes that three bites of a dish are all you really need to enjoy and be satisfied. She applies the 3 bite rule especially when eating her favourite — pastries.
3 bites of gulab jamun, 3 bites of tiramisu, 3 bites of rasmalai…go ahead and indulge in 3 bites of the foods you love. The 3 Bite Rule is a wonderful tool for those who want to maintain their weight. The concept is that we should not deny ourselves any of our favourite foods, instead should be allowed to eat 3 bites of the food, just enough to satisfy our craving. Studies show after three bites, the food loses its initial appeal and most of us just keep eating out of habit. The first bite is delicious, the second confirms the first and with the third your palate has had its fill — you should say thank you and stop.

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3 bite rule. Once meal is in front of them, 3 bites (1 Tbsp=1 bite) per food is eaten. Uses sandwhich plates for all meals. Sticking with the pla, they reinforce this philosophy when eating out and puts the remainder food into the garbage. This has helped with portion control, quality of nutrients, quick weight loss. Total weight loss in 4 months 20 pounds.

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Victoria Beckham will be following the ‘three bites rule’ over the Christmas holidays

She will join everyone in tucking into the big turkey, but will only have three bites from everything that is on offer – from three bites of smoked salmon on blinis to the turkey and mince pies. 
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 The other key factor, she says, is that French women don't eat until they are full. She believes that three bites of a dish are all you really need to enjoy, and she really applies that rule personally when it comes to her weakness: pastries.

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 Overwhelmed? Start with a simple rule that I sometimes follow when the scale is tipping up - The 3 Bite Rule! Whatever you're serving for dinner, whatever is on your plate, pizza, cupcakes, or cheese ... Have it, but just 3 bites.
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Three bites of ice cream or pizza or a Big Mac never made anyone fat.  Three bites of cheesecake, or buffalo wings or fried anything, is not the cause of the obesity epidemic.  Now entire portions of those foods on a regular basis would certainly having the scale moving in the wrong direction, since it is an overall calorie surplus that packs on the pounds. Not an innocent bite or two here or there.
With the 3 Bite Rule you get 100% of the enjoyment, and 0% of the guilt.  The first delectable taste of a food is the most pleasurable.  The second is often just as fantastic.  But then the pleasure factor starts declining.  I’ll be the first to admit that many bites of ice cream taste good, but after a small portion it’s not quite as amazing as it was to start.

 Variation #2 of the 3 bite rule: This is where one would eat 3 bites of  ONE item, like dessert at the end of a meal, or something else you are craving.

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 The first bite is as good as you think it's going to be, flavorful and delicious.

The second bite is also good but not as good as the first bite.

 By the third bite, the food isn't going to taste any better, so you might as well stop

  Other Variations of the Bite Rule: I found two more varieties of this rule: the Two Bite Rule and the 4 Bite Rule.  It all comes down to Portion Control... and the bite measurement helps us to do this without counting calories, just by portion control--counting our bites.

The 4 Bite Rule:
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This Board is about GOOD FOOD....and not eating TOO much of a good thing. My rule regarding high calorie food that I HAVE TO HAVE- is that I eat only 4 bites.
Honestly, the first bite is THE BEST, 
the second bite is GREAT, 
the third bite is GOOD, 
and the fourth bite is OKAY...... 
after that mostly it is just because I want to finish it. So, save the rest and have it later when the first bite is THE BEST again! See? You CAN have your cake....and eat it too! Just not all at once!!
 The 2 Bite Rule:

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 I also had a family reunion to go to a couple of weeks ago, and that's where I employed the Two-Bite rule. There were so many things I wanted to try, but knew I was only going to eat one plate, so instead of getting a whole spoon of everything I wanted, I only got a little...two bites worth. I learned this technique from a lady who was in one of my previous Weight Watchers classes.

She was new to the class, and within a couple of weeks of joining, was faced with a mega buffet that she couldn't avoid. She told us that she decided the best two bites of anything we eat are the first and the why bother with all the extra calories in the middle? Total epiphany for me. The heavens opened up and I'm certain I heard angels singing. This way, you still get to have what others around you are having. You don't have to smell the scrumptiousness and not get to sample it. You don't have to feel deprived. Just grab a couple of bites and make them the best-tasting two bites of anything you've ever had.


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  2. The nutrition professionals (excluding the bari surgeons) need to get with the concept of bites instead of calories. What they're advocating hasn't been working. Count calories, "eat more vegetables," and deprivation aren't cutting it. They need an entire reworking of their approach that includes hunger, appestat, cravings, and ketosis.

    While they're at it, maybe they should jettison the 2,000 calories a day thing. The majority of us aren't manual laborers and require much less than that even to maintain. The newest guidelines on exercise and movement don't even recommend that much exercise, like 150 minutes PER WEEK. The research now shows that more exercise is not better and causes inflammatory effects.

  3. I think the idea is starting to get out there about bites, but it is a slow process. People seem to think about calories and "macros" so much, they think bites is a foreign concept to think of eating in bites.... :)

  4. I'm so glad I accidentally found your blog (from the No S Diet) because this gives me another tool ;)

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