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5 bite diet vs Gastric Bypass diet

Comparing low bite counts to Gastric Bypass Surgery Diet

Patients who go through Bariatric Surgery can only eat 5-10 bites per meal.  We can all do this without surgery, by shrinking our stomachs!

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 After 14 days of easily taking in only 5 bites twice a day, the stomach naturally shrinks down. In other words, after 14 days of eating only 5 bites twice a day, the stomach shrinks to a point where eating more than 5 bites makes you feel drastically full. Your thermostat for hunger goes down to a point where it feels satisfied with smaller amounts of food. Your portion sizes, from that point forward, are naturally controlled as if your stomach had gone through a gastric bypass.

 After a gastric bypass, you end up eating 3 bites 3 times a day. When my patients come to me for pre-operative counseling, I put them on Dr. Alwin Lewis's "Five bite diet" and they lose the same amount of weight, have the same effects on their hunger, and avoid the surgery altogether. While on this diet, they lose 1 pound a day. And best of all, the diet costs NOTHING. You save from the surgical costs, and the costs to your body as you avoid life-threatening surgery.

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"His basic premise: Why not use the diet they give people who have had a gastric bypass to people who haven’t had one, and see what it does to the hungerstat? In doing so, he discovered amazing things.
1. You don’t need a surgical gastric bypass to eat as if you have had one. In a few days, your body will get used to having smaller amounts of food and set that as your new hungerstat!
2. You’re stomach naturally shrinks down when you fast or eat smaller portion sizes. After a few days, you will feel full just eating 6 or 7 bites of food if you eat 5 bites for a short period per meal.
3. 1 pound of weight loss daily is safe and reliable with the guidance of a physician.
4. You don’t have to be morbidly obese to lose weight using the gastric bypass diet.
5. Coaching a patient through a diet can be as successful and satisfying as a gastric bypass that forces it.
6. A patient’s self esteem is much better preserved when they lose their weight naturally and through their own willpower than when forced through a surgery.
7. Whether you want to lose 5 to 200 or more pounds, the gastric-bypass-diet will work safely and effectively without the surgery so that the surgical risk is eliminated!
8. Many of the myths of weight loss regarding metabolism and mealtimes are disproven based on our experiences with patients on this diet."

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"For the first two months following surgery, your calorie intake should be between 300 and 600 calories a day

It is important to know that following surgery, your stomach size is very small - less than 1/4 cup, or about the size of an egg"
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"The focus of this blog has been the recipes and dishes that I have used to help me (and hopefully others) deal with the dietary restrictions placed on us by the weight loss surgery we have had. I have discussed the reasons I had the surgery (vertical gastrectomy, June 2008), issues involving the foods that I have eaten, the various formal and informal gatherings, and the culinary experiences that I have had on this interesting journey through my weight loss. Eight Bites has been my personal mantra for the last two years as it was with my wife’s surgery done in 1981. I have literally lived the majority of my life Eight Bites at a time. I have found that the restrictions placed upon me by Eight Bites have not influenced my appreciation for the actual act of eating good tasting food; in fact I believe it has been enhanced. I have found that I can evaluate a restaurant menu and choose between an interesting antipasti plate with a variety of bites, or a single dish from the secondo menu and have Eight Bites of the same thing. It allows  me an infinite flexibility.

 So where am I going here? The restriction of Eight Bites has been placed upon me by my surgery, but changing the way you eat regarding controlling portions has a more universal application. So todays entry is about portion control. Whether its Eight Bites, twelve bites or fourteen bites, what is important is examining the way we eat and looking at the concept of portion control as a means to change our weight, and our lives.

 The physical restrictions place upon me by my reduced stomach, limits me to Eight Bites (or so). But even if you haven’t had a weight loss surgical intervention you can still reduce your portion size. Think about an option where you limit your meals to 14 bites (or 12 bites)"

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 "Up to 5 bites per meal, put your fork down between bites, and chew, chew CHEW!!!" ABSOLUTELY, no more than 5 bites!!!"

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" What is 7 Bites?
It's an eating philosphy ingrained in the brains of many bariatric patients. 
The idea is that we eat around 7 bites with each meal: 4 Protein, 2 Vegetable, 
1 starch.  Then we wait for a few minutes. If we're still hungry, we go 
back for more protein (usually 3 more bite's worth). By this point 
(up to 10 bites) we should start feeling fullness (aka "restriction") 
and should stop eating.
This is the philosophy we've based our show around!"

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"Examine the liquid diet and pureed soft food starvation in the surgeon's process, eating about enough for a small child, after a radical weight loss operation. So, compare 10 bites per day, a radical diet choice -- to be explained below -- see the Mayo Clinic diet for after surgery (more detail in the tips section):[1]
  • "Recover:" nothing by mouth, not even water -- about 2 days.
  • Phase 1: "Crash" on the surgeon's clear liquid diet -- 1 to 2 weeks -- healing inside.
  • Phase 2: "Starve" on 6 one tablespoon pureed "soupy-pasty 1 bite meals" daily -- 2 to 4 weeks.
  • So far! -- almost 2 months' total -- crash-diet on doctor's orders!
  • Phase 3: "Starve" on six meals of two tablespoons per day, that's about six 1/4 cup "meals" of soft, mashed foods -- 2 to 4 added weeks of this.
  • Phase 4: "Starve", for life. 3 tiny 1/2 cup -- 2 to 4 weeks and finally get up to a mini-feast of three "1-cup meals" of soft, chopped foods."

This is what Gastric Bypass Patients can eat:
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 Six Weeks through Six Months Meal progression - 
8  weeks after surgery you should be eating up to 9 teaspoons/3-4 bites (Tablespoons) per meal.

 Three months after surgery 12 teaspoons (4 bites) (1/4 cup) should be your meal maximum. 

 Six months after surgery 8 tablespoons (8 bites)(1/2 cup) should be your meal maximum

One-third to ½ of each meal will consist of a high protein sources, the other 2/3 should provide variety. 

Six Months and Beyond Meal Progression - 
Gradually increase meals by 1 tsp every 2 weeks. - 

At six months post surgery meals can be as large as ½ cup. (8 bites)

 - At nine months post surgery meals will be up to ¾ cup. (up to 10 bites)

one year post surgery you will have reached your goal of ½ to  1 cup per meal: ( 8-16 bites)

; this will remain the size of your meals for the rest of your life. - 


  1. Wonderful reading. Your blog project here is invaluable for us.

    Stunning in its simplicity. I wish I had known years ago to do this diet. I've been on 5 Bites for seven days and have lost 10 pounds! Most importantly, IT'S NOT HARD!

    Do you have tips for those of us wanting to be whole plant food vegans to protect against heart disease and inflammation? I've been using vegan non-dairy Larabars for the past week but want to transition to whole foods soon - I was thinking 2 bites beans/tofu, 2 bites veggie or fruit, and 1 bite nuts/avocado/flaxseed for healthy fat. I'm not concerned about being strict about the breakdown every day or every meal, but as a general formula. I ordered Dr. Lewis' book, and it's on the way. :)

    Any tips or advice you have would be appreciated! Thanks for everything you are doing here. Your progress is amazing! :)

  2. 10 lbs in 7 days is a good start! I almost lost that much my 1st week, :)

    There are a few different options to do for having a plant based vegan diet and still counting bites.

    Option 1 : Dr. Lewis' snicker bars are about 50 calories/bite And even though this is about bites, not calories for the most part, sometimes I do consider that part of it :) If you follow a strict vegan plant based diet, you could probably eat 15-20 bites a day and still lose very very fast.

    Option 2 : Consider trying the Fast-5 with 5 bite diet, this is 10 bites of your choice of food per day + unlimited raw fruits and veggies inside a 5 hour window. If you eat too much fruits and vegetables you will not lose very fast, but some people seem to have pretty good luck with this if one does not go overboard with the fruits and vegetables. I have a blog post about this, and more info and support can be found at Fast Five with Five Bite diet facebook group

    Option 3 Have a bite formula, like you mentioned above. (see blog post on here The 5, 4, 3, 2 1 bite diet

    Feel free to ask any questions and thank you! :)

  3. Of course you could always just do 5 bites twice a day, and still do vegan.

  4. Great reading and thanks for the tips. :) Fast-5 + 5 sounds perfect for maintenance. My goals at the moment are to experience the stomach shrinkage, control the hungerstat?, and get the quick weight loss, none of which occurred when I did either FOK or EtL.

    I actually gained weight on FOK :( but it's super high carb high starch and as a menopausal woman with a few joint issues, I couldn't work out vigorously enough to burn up the carbs.

    Eat to Live I did a little better but didn't get anywhere near the 24 pounds in six weeks that Fuhrman advertises. Go to Two Grand and check out the Eat to Live meals - the salads are enormous!

    But FOK + 5BD sounds great - thick soups, pita pizzas, potatoes, and rice/bean burritos would work well. I'm already picturing a tiny 5-bite burrito with a tortilla cut to size! :p

    Fuhrman + 5BD could also work with his high fat dressings. Tonight I ate chopped romaine, tomatoes, black beans and walnuts with vegan Caesar dressing (store bought so it had oil, wasn't fat free). I had 8 bites and saved the rest for tomorrow.

    Tally counter - arrived today from Amazon. I have a dinner next week at a restaurant and will put it in my lap to count bites. :p

    I love to cook and have been accustomed to cooking without salt, but a new challenge with Dr. Lewis' diet is making much smaller portions so I don't get leftover fatigue. :) I'm going to work out a few of my favorites (split pea-potato soup, potato cauliflower curry, African peanut stew) in perhaps 1-2 cup portions instead of the gargantuan sizes I used to make and polish off within a few days. I also checked out the Eight Bites blog briefly and bookmarked it, he might have some vegan recipes or some dishes that can be veganized. He sounds like a great cook!

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  9. I am so glad I found this site yet I still struggle with the 5 bite concept. If I eat 5 bites of a burger vs. 5 bites of a salad, the calorie difference is vastly different. I see about it says 300-600 calories a day. Am I overthinking this? Thanks!

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