Sunday, February 8, 2015

Don't stretch your stomach!

Revisiting the topic again of your stomach shrinking/stretching again, you can find my other blogpost about that here

Keeping your stomach pouch small and your hungerstat down is part of the secret of losing and maintaining weight. It only takes 14 days or less of eating less food and your stomach shrinks down to a smaller pouch. It begins to be painful to eat over your normal "set" amount of bites that you usually take in.

As your stomach shrinks, your hormone levels begin to shrink. The hormones that make you want to eat actually go down...leptin and ghrelin and start to return to more normal.

 The larger your stomach the more leptin you produce. Stomach size and tissue DO have something to do with weight loss and satiety.

A smaller stomach also means Satiety, being satisfied with less food. If you feel FULL with only 5-10 bites, think how much easier it would be to stop than if you felt full on 40 bites.

Your stomach knows size/volume of what you put in it, not calories! If you eat a large amount of food, you get a  larger amount of hormones that stimulate more hunger, etc... much you eat! You are stimulating less hormones if you eat less, that is where Counting Bites come in. 80 bites program recommends somewhere between 15-18 bites for meals. 25 or less Bites  is a good goal for a maximum amount of bites at one meal or eating occasion  for your stomach.

If you are actively losing weight, your bites may be much lower than this, even down to 10 bites a day. (see 5 bite diet)

The long term plan Bariatric Patients are supposed to eat 7-10 bites per meal for the rest of their lives long term, with a maximum of 16 bites (16 Tablespoons/1 cup) If they eat more than this, they run the risk of starting to stretch the stomach back out again and possibly begin to gain the weight back.

Too much water/fluids can also stretch the stomach! Bariatric Surgery patients are recommended NOT to drink water with the meal, only 1/2 hour before and  1/2 hour after meals.

Study showing the stomach can shrink in capacity up to 36%

Article about 5 bite diet, Hungerstat and your stomach shrinking

Meredith Luce Introduces 80Bites Diet from 80 Bites on Vimeo.

Water Intoxication from 80 Bites on Vimeo.


  1. I'm especially interested in the science behind long-term bite counting/CR and health parameters. There's enough evidence now with the 5:2 diet that two days of 500 calories and five days of ad libitum calories seems to improve lab values. So obviously, if 500 calories 2x a week does this, think what 7x a week will do. And these weren't vegans who were studied on the 5:2.

    When my labs came back with high cholesterol, I turned to a vegan diet, and sure enough after 4 months of strict whole plant based veganism (not even oils, just veggies, fruits, grains, and beans), my total cholesterol dropped a whopping 51 points. The weight, however, has been slow coming off, and if I eat too many starches and not enough veggies, my weight will stabilize and then I'll begin to gain.

    If at the time of my high cholesterol lab I decided instead to do the 5BD and eat whatever I wanted, I wonder what would have happened to my cholesterol levels. ??? As you mentioned in your "3 Bites" post below, nobody ever got fat eating 3 bites of [insert food here]. Maybe it's also possible not to increase your cholesterol with 3 bites of whatever [non-whole food vegan] food either. One thing that WOULD have happened without fail was I would have lost my weight quickly (which hasn't happened on a strict vegan diet), and we know that weight loss no matter what foods are eaten lowers cholesterol.

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