Monday, December 29, 2014

The best of both worlds....Fast-5 and 5 bite diet combined!

I joined another group on facebook recently called Fast Five with Five Bite Diet.  Part way through my weight loss journey I started using Intermittent Fasting with a 5 hour window and (Fast-5 diet) and eating only a small amount of bites (10-15 bites a lot of days) inside my window. Here is the blog post when I started Intermittent Fasting and the benefits I noticed then

Someone came up with the idea to have unlimited fruits and veggies in your 5 hour window and only 5 bites of regular food 2x (10 bites a day)  This allows you to still enjoy the benefits of  eating a healthy fruit and vegetable rich diet and yet still lose weight at a fast rate with the 5 bite diet....

Here are the basic guidelines with my touch ....

1. Skip morning meal. Black coffee and calorie free drinks are ok

2. Eat within 5 consecutive hours. (Example: eat one meal at 1 pm and one meal at 5:00-6:00 pm. make sure you finish before the 5 hours are up)

3. Eat only 5 bites for Lunch and 5 bites for Dinner... (10 total)

4. The 5 bites can be anything... include at  least a bite or two of protein each day.

5. Take a multivitamin and drink lots of water

6. Add in Unlimited Fruits and Veggies in your 5 bite meals. My note: my personal preference would be no more than 2 pieces of fruit per day. (Only eat these in your 5 hour window)

7. Lettuce and raw veggies are free. If you do a salad, but count every Tablespoon of dressing, nuts, cheese, etc you put on your salad as 1 bite each.

8. Expect to lose weight fairly fast.. I lost weight almost everyday or every 1-3 days during my weight loss journey most weeks. You can find my record of bites and wieght loss here

 9.Join the Facebook Group Fast Five with 5 bite diet here

You can find Dr. Bert Herring's free e-book about the Fast-5 bite diet here

You can find Dr. Lewis book "Why Weight Around? book on Amazon or other places

In re-cap, calorie-rice foods like meat, sandwiches, bread, potatoes, pizza etc you can eat for your 5 bites... Salads/raw fruits and vegetables are unlimited....all within your 5 hour eating window.

My personal spin when I was losing weight  was that  I took most weekends and/or Sundays special occasions and allowed more bites on those days and still lost alot of weight fairly quickly. I ate up to 30-40 bites or more on Sundays a lot of weeks and that might have helped keep my body guessing? It allowed me a little freedom, and helped keep me from feeling completely deprived!

So you want to try the 5 bite diet but you want to be able to eat more healthy with more  fruits and vegetables...Here you go! The best of both worlds.

I mentioned that my personal preference would be to limit my fruit to 2 pieces per day,  too much fruit could stall weight loss, etc