Monday, February 24, 2014

Maintenance update 1 week

Today marks 1 week in Maintenance Mode

 scince I reached my goal weight (150 lbs is my goal) of 149.8 lbs   on Feb 17, 2013

             Feb 17, 2013 149.8 lbs  4 miles per day walked  aprox 34 bites per day avg.  2/18: 2 min Heavyhands & 3 lb weights with walks
1 week: Feb 24, 2013 146.2 lbs 4 miles per day walked aprox 32 bites per day avg2/24: 4 min heavyhands & 3 lb weights with walks

End of Week 1 Evaluation: Below 5 lb Maintenance Range

As you can see I lost weight, 3.6 pounds this past week

 my 5 lb Maintenance Range is 147.5 to 152.5...
unless I decide I want it to be lower,  but I want a reasonable weight I can stay at long term, not something where I am fighting to stay so skinny! I believe my goal of 150 and a BMI of  24.2 is reasonable for ME! Someone else might have a lower BMI goal and that is fine, everyone is different, ;)

Ive been doing research on the Science of Wieght Maintenance (maybe another blog post ;)) and they say to add food slowly after you reach your goal. I don't want to have a rebound effect and add a bunch of bites all of a sudden, so slow and steady is the way for me!  So I have added 5 bites per day this week. 

Bite plan for this week

35 bites/day Monday-Friday (up 5 from last week)

45 bites/day Sat-Sunday (up 5 from last week)

Monday through Friday Meal Plan This week

Meal 1: 12-12:15 PM  9 bites

Meal 2: 3-3:15 PM  6 bites

Meal 3: 6-6:15 or when  family eats: 20 bites

total 35 bites

Setting Meal times for my meals

This is not necessary for being successful with bite counting, its just something I recently started putting on my maintenance contracts each week. I really like eating at the same time everyday three solid meals a helps the habit concept! I know I cant my 2nd meal until 3 PM, so I don't need to argue with myself about when I should or shouldn't eat. I do make exceptions, ect if I am going to be gone to someone elses house, ect, but I love the structure and habit of just doing the same thing day after day, day in and day out.  This concept of meal timing may not work for some people, just something I really like for myself that I recently started...

Capital S days/meals....

I am also incorporating 4-6 days a year into No-Counting Days"  (also called Capital S days from the No-S diet) (maybe another blog post to explain this concept more later).....  This coming Saturday will be my first No-Count day in Maintenance Mode!  I am excited about it, because a few days a year when I don't track bite will be nice.

A few days a year....Christmas, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, ect would take up most of my Capital S days. By planning ahead, and having PLANNED days like this, I believe will help me to stick to this Long term...

Once a Month, I plan to have  1 " No-Count" meal with Dear Husband on our Date Night. I call these  Capital S Meals (again came from  No-S) That means I don't have to count anything, bites, minutes ect.... It  will be fun to look forward to these meals and yet I think it will help keep me on track for long term, like I mentioned above...

Capital S days and Capital S meals  means I don't have to count anything, bites, minutes ect....

This is not something I did when I was losing, and I am trying it out, knowing that I can change it if I need to, and if it doesn't work well for me ect...

Maitenance Plan....

In Re-Cap , My Maintenance Plan looks like this right now...

I will change if I need/want to according to how my weight trend stays in the 5 lb Maintenance Range and according to how my Maintenance Plan works for me!

You can see my Wieght Trend chart here....

N days (counting bites and 3 meals a day) mon-Friday
S days (still counting bites but more bites allowed 3-4 meals a day) Saturday-Sunday
Capital S meals (no counting anything just a meal/time to eat) 1-2 times a month
Capital S days (no counting anything) 4 days per year

I have liked the No-S concept of 3 meals a day and that really works well for me, and having a little more on weekends is another No-S concept, I just incorporate that into my bite counting!