Thursday, June 12, 2014

Maintenance Plan for Week 18

 Hi! We are going on Vacation, God willing next Friday night through part of Monday, and I would like to have 4 FREE CAPITAL S DAYS, so I my goal is kind of to get down to 139 pounds, so I can relax for 4 days. So I am going down to 25 bites.

Current Weight: 144  lbs   Current BMI  22.9

Below   5 lb Maintenance Range (144.5 to 149.5)

See Goal Range/Trend weight graphed out here

Week 18 Maintenance Plan....

Monday-Thursday (N days): 25 bites

N day Plan..

Meal 1 7-7:30 AM-  3 bites

Meal 2   Noon- 12:15  6 bites

Meal 3 6-6:30 or when family eats 16 bites

Total: 25 Bites


  1. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. How was your vacation? Are you back on track with this eating plan?

  3. Yes I am back on track with my eating plan. I was 150.6 this morning, so 6/10 of a pound over my maintenance range, but I am doing 17 bites today, did 15 bites Tuesday, 16 bites Wednesday and have 18 bites planned for tommarow and 40 bites planned for Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully will get a blog post up soon, maybe tommarow, God willing

  4. Glad to hear your are back on track. I am giving this eating plan another go! I try all sorts of things, right now I'm eating around 80 bites and as long as I can lose 1# a week, I will stick with it. If I stop losing, my plan is to try to eat some healthier things. I only have 10-15# to lose.

  5. 10-15 lbs, you can totally do this!