Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wieght Maintenance Update

Hi! I have not been blogging very regularly lately! 

But I am happy to say that today my weight is 148.4 lbs inside my weight maintenance range of 144.5-149.5 lbs 

My weight has fluctuated up and it has also come back down on a regular basis.

Every week on Wednesday or Thursday mornings, I enter my weight into a Maintenance Contracts. This has helped me keep from gaining all my weight back.  Every Wednesday or Thursday morning, my weight must be 150 or below!  

There have been times I have been out of the notion to care about it. Sometimes I am in the mood, sometimes out of the mood to keep up it. But you know what, when we just do it anyway  even when we don't feel like it, we are usually glad we stuck with it!  Stickk has helped me with this. I have something to answer to!

So far I since April 29,2014 when I started the Stickk commitment, 

I have kept  26 Commitments and Lost 3 of them.

 I highly recommend, it could change your life! 

Comments and Questions are Welcome!

I have started a New 5 bite Video Series on Youtube, I will do another blog post about that!

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