Thursday, November 20, 2014

New 5 bite Diet Video Series

This is my new 5 bite diet video series. This has bite counting information for anyone! I hope to add more videos as time goes onGod willing... Questions and comments are welcome! Ideas and requests for new videos, post in comments below. Thanks!


  1. You are doing a great job and you're a great inspiration! I found your blog a week ago and you've inspired me to to start counting bites. Today is day one!

  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting!

    1. Do you count a teaspoon of cayenne pepper as a bite?

    No, I do not usually count any supplements as bites. Sometimes I eat Wheat grass powder or superfood powder and I do not currently count those as bites...

    2. How many hours do you have between your 4 small meals?
    When I did 4 small meals, I would usually eat (sometimes different)
    breakfast whenever 7-9 am
    lunch 12:00 noon
    supper 5-6:00 pm
    bedtime snack 8 pm

    3. Presuming your bites for the entire day total 10; correct?

    When I ate 4 times a day at the time of video, sometimes I did 12 bites. So 10-12 bites sometimes more.

    4. Presuming you have your 10 bites within a 5-hour period; correct?

    At the time of doing the video, I did not do my bites in a 5 hour period. Now I am eating my bites in a 5 hour period. I have did the 5 hour thing on and off, because I had some symptoms I thought maybe intermittent fasting was causing. (I have blood sugar issues, probably adrenal issues too, I am high risk for diabetes, I have had gestational diabetes 4x)

    Right now I am eating 12 bites

    my goals/eating plan are:

    First meal 1 pm 3 bites
    2nd meal 3 pm 3 bites
    3rd meal 5-5:30 6 bites

    I made an exception last night and instead of pigging out on New Years Eve, I ate 30 bites , that was in my goal plan.

    You can see pictures and stuff of my cayenne pepper meals that I ate, There is a free app for Android and iphone called TwoGrand. If you follow my username AmandaW, you can see the meals what I eat, when I eat and examples of how big my bites are, my cayenne etc... I do not take pictures of my cheat days but I do have 10-12 bite + days on there

    I might do a video and/or blogpost of the TwoGrand app.

    There is a community of 5 biters on there. I can message you the link on facebook of the thread that has the 5 biter names. Let me know

    Feel free to Ask as many questions as you want!

  3. your welcome! I can message you the link to the Two Grand app thread if you want, if you are interested you can message me or something on facebook. Wasnt 100% sure of your username on Facebook :)

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