Monday, December 9, 2013

8 week update

Today has been 8 weeks scince I started counting bites October 14th, 2013

Started October 14, 2013 218.2 lbs

1 week October 21st, 2013 208.4 lbs 78 bites per day average 9.8 lb loss
2 week October 28, 2013 205.4 lbs 71 bites per day average 3 lb loss
3 wks November 4, 2013 200 lbs 60 bites per day average 5.4 lb loss
4 wks November 11, 2013 194.4 lbs 40 bites per day average 5.6 lb loss
5 wks November 18, 2013 192.2 lbs 36 bites per day average 2.2 lb loss
6 wks November 25, 2013 191.8 lbs 34 bites per day average .4 lb loss
7 wks December 2, 2013 185.4 lbs 33 bites per day average 6.4 lb loss

8 wks December  9, 2013 182.2 lbs 23 bites per day average 3.2 lbs loss

36 lbs lost in 8 wks!!!!!


  1. Wow! Impressive results:)) Aren't you extremely hungry on 23 bites a day? I'm working my way down-- first day of counting I ate 163 bites. Today my plan is 110 bites. So far I've been maintaining my weight, for the most part, but anticipate starting to lose as I drop a few more bites.

  2. Thanks for the update on how you are doing! Im sure you will start dropping weight soon as you lower your bites! I could have NEVER started out with 23 bites, but I was able to gradually decrease my bites from 80 onward and it was much easier that way. I see people try to jump in and only eat a few bites a day right at first, and that is so hard.But by gradually decreasing it, you hardly notice! Keep going! =)

    No, actually Im not really that hungry. I am hungry some, part of the secret is that your body gets used to it, and your "hungerstat" gets re-adjusted. Another part of the secret to me not being terribly painfully hungry is that I eat around 1/2 Tablespoon peanut butter at almost every meal 3x day. The peanut butter reduces desire to eat for up to 12 hours (see peanut butter blog post). The third thing I think really helps is that I do Intermittnet Fasting, I only have a 5 hour eating window (started with an 8 hour window) so if you dont eat one bite during the fasting hours, the body doesnt get near as hungry for food.

    1. Hungerstat article here

  3. Thanks. Yes, I've done some intermittent fasting before and I like the idea of combining it with the bite system. As my bite count gets lower, I might implement some longer fasts just so the two meals I do eat can be a bit larger. I kind of miss breakfast when I fast though, I will say that. PB is a good idea. I've found that a little bit of fat (as in PB) really helps sustain and keeps me from getting too hungry too quickly.

    Thanksgiving weekend slowed me down quite a bit in lowering my bite count, but I'm back on track now. Even though I'm lowering slowly, I can tell I'm eating less now than I would if I wasn't counting at all, and I'm able to stick with the plan and not be too miserable, as I have been with all other diets I've tried.

  4. Sounds like you are making progress!!! Keep it up!

    Around thanksgiving time set me back, too, I just gave myself more bites for alot of those days, as you can see on my stats, I only lost .4 one week.