Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Hunger is never an emergency"

The above quote is one I got from Judith Beck from The Beck Diet Solution book.   At the time I first read the book, it was an eye-opening quote for me. I was free to feel hunger if I needed to! I didn't need to run to the refrigerator the minute I felt a teeny-tiny-might-be-a-hunger-pain!

 Beck recommends Learning to Tolerate Hunger. That's the way thin and slim people naturally do! They don't think of hunger as an emergency! They eat when its convienient OR when the next meal is!  If you fear the feeling of hunger, you might regularly Eat to prevent the feeling of hunger. This is NOT how thin people eat!

If we are going to lose weight,  and keep it off, we have to feel some natural hunger. That's all there is to it!

Quote from Beck Diet Solution

"You definatly don't have to eat when you're hungry. Just because you want to eat doesn't mean you always should"

Beck recommends practicing what she calls Hunger Tolerance, and skipping a meal. She says to write down and  rate how painful it is from 1-10 on a chart in the terms of discomfort. You might be pleasantly surprised, that its not really that painful. Hunger comes in waves, its not constant!

And each time you are hungry and choose not to eat, you are burning fat!

Here is an article that says a little hunger is healthy.

Quote from

Many of my clients eat on a schedule, which is great, but they’re never really hungry, which is an indication that they’re eating too much. And a little extra food day after day can be what’s causing them to hang onto those unwanted pounds. In other words, even when you’re eating super healthy meals, in the right balance, at the right times, if you’re never hungry you’re probably eating more than your body needs to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

So even calorie-counters don't lose weight very good, if they never feel h unger!!

Learning to appreciate hunger can help you achieve your weight loss goals...

Embrace Hunger....

Quote from

Allowing Yourself to Get Hungry” is Key to Getting Lean
I don’t believe our bodies were meant to have a never ending supply of constant food. I am not suggesting that you stay hungry all the time, but don’t be so quick to grab food the second you feel hungry. This is your chance to get rid of some of that excessive body fat. Want to really lose some weight quickly? Let yourself get hungry on purpose before doing cardio. This is when you will see visible results quickly.

Remember How Hungry You Got When You Were a Kid?

And finally one of Bob Harpers Skinny Rules is going to bed hungry! Now this comes from one of the nations top fitness experts!

Quote from

Go to Bed Hungry

If you skip that midnight snack, your body will “burn fat like crazy,” Harper writes. After five hours without food, you’ll start burning your own fat and sugar. Further, it may even help you sleep better, since having fewer carbs in your bloodsteam allows your body to produce the hormones it needs to bring on sleep.

Harper admits this can be one of the tougher rules to adopt. Try to set a time after which you won’t eat anymore, and keep yourself distracted with movies, TV, Internet surfing, or whatever it takes.

So try to think of hunger as "no big Deal" When you feel hunger and its not time for your meal learn to say "Oh well, I can eat later"

Feeling hunger can accelerate fat loss. When you tolerate hunger for an hour or a few hours until your next meal, you are essentially burning fat stores. Your body is just pulling a meal from your hips or gut!

Normal people have went weeks without eating for religious or other personal reasons. If we want to change our brains into thinking like THIN people, we need to learn to tolerate and Embrace our hunger. That doesn't mean to never eat! Of course we should eat, but we shouldn't fear hunger, it should be no big deal to feel it for a while!

So try it! Embrace your hunger and never treat it as an emergency! It might just surprise you, the pounds could melt off!

Hunger is never an Emergency!

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