Thursday, April 3, 2014

Interesting Article about Counting bites

I recently found an Old Article I want to share here about counting bites. 

I do not agree with the whole article, but it does bring out some good points about varying flavors in your meals and the part about the bites. I always think Bite Counting articles are interesting and noteworthy.  2 fists of food at each meal I feel is probably too much for alot of poeple, but nevertheless, ithe article is worth looking at!

The ladies who promoted this way of eating recomended 15-18 bites per meal. They also recomend having Variety with your meals, and having 3-5 distinct tastes  at every meal.     

I do this naturally myself! I crave Variety, lots of Variety. Often a bite or two of something is enough and I am off to enjoy the next delicious flavor of something else. Easy to do while counting bites and Eating slowly! 

We dont need to shovel 15 bites of  anything in my mouth to "Taste" it.  By Eating Slowly, about a minute between each  bite  I can savor each flavor and I am ready  alot of times to move on to the next flavor/food after a few bites. Try it!

Also the part in the article about Not Stretching the Stomach is very important! If we dont stretch our stomachs, if we keep them tiny pouches by counting bites, it keeps our Hunger Hormones low and we feel full on a small amount of food. A similar principle why Stomach Stapling Surgery helps poeple eat less food, and they want to keep their pouch from stretching back out again too, by keeping their portions small.

Quote from,7570004

"A Two-Fisted Diet Idea"

A Pair of New York Nutritionists suggests a unique way to limit food intake. Meredith Luce Hoblock and Joan Briebart believe in the two-fisted diet Self Magazine says. 

According to this plan, Dieters can eat anything they want, as long as they consume no more than two cups of solid food at any meal.

A cup of food is roughly the size of a clenched fist, ergo the two-fisted label

The two cup standard is important because it provides sufficient nutrition without stretching your stomach. 

Two cups of food equals about 15-18 normal bites, the nutritionist continue.

So if you dont care to measure food moniter intake that way. And by the way, limit those desserts to more than three bites. 

A good way to satisfy your appetite without having to loosen your belt is to vary the flavors of the foods you eat.   Mesdames Hoblock and Briebart say that there should be at least three to five distinct tastes in every meal.   

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