Thursday, April 10, 2014

Maintenance Plan for Week 9

I have decided to up my bites by 1 bite each day for this next week. Been doing some Reading in the Maintenance Forums on 3 Fat Chicks, and some poeple notice that they maintain on a lower amount of calories AND sometimes on a little bit higher too, they maintain the exact amount of weight ect.  So I am expereminting to see how it affects my wieght, to add a bit more food. Of course, I am doing it very very very slowly, just one bite this week added to each day.

If I dont like it, then I can go back to what I was doing the next week. Its an Experemint-of-One. 

I had major detox symptoms after trying to eat 3 Tablespoons of Wheat grass a day. I am trying to find a green powder that I can start small and work up slowly that I wont have side effects with

I recieved 2 Readers Digests and they were the wrong ones, so I have almost given up on finding the other bite counting article!  

Current Weight: 145.4  lbs   Current BMI  23.1

Inside  5 lb Maintenance Range (144.5 to 149.5)

See Goal Range/Trend wieght graphed out here

Week 9 Maintenance Plan....

Monday-Friday (N days): 46 bites
Saturday-Sunday (S days): 56 bites

N day Plan..

7:30 or before Start exercising 4 miles

Meal 1 7-7:30 AM-  7 bites

Meal 2   Noon- 12:15  15 bites

Meal 3  6 PM or when family eats  24 bites

46 bites total

Questions and Comments are Welcome! 


  1. Do you count calories or just bites? How do you keep up the motivation? I usually find I can count bites and stay under 80 for a couple days, then I go crazy, and lose count then get off track and think maybe I should go back to calorie counting. Then I get frustrated, and think I should go back to bite counting. Do you have a link to the forum for the 3 fat chicks? Keep up the site and the good work, you are great for inspiration.

  2. mysavingstyle- everyone is different on what works for them. Bite counting works for me. I count bites. Sometimes I might look at the calorie count to decide how much to put in a bite, but I count bites, not calories as a rule 90% of the time!

    3 fatchicks forum I read is here

  3. Thanks for the response, yesterday I was mostly on track, here's to seeing if I can make it a whole week.

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