Thursday, April 24, 2014

Maintenance Plan for Week 11

Well I am almost to the end of my 5 N day experiment of No Sweets on N days, and I have decided for the time being to go back to the way it was before--allowing sweets anyday of the week. Only I want to try setting a moderate limit to it next week and see how it goes. (No more than 1/3 of my bites or so for each meal for Sweets) (candy, cookies, desserts, p butter)  Sweets is not jelly, yogurt and stuff like that.  If that doesnt work well for me, then I will probably go back to the way it was originally, where I decide how many bites of sweets I shall have and it is basicly unlimted, as long as I am within my bite count. So many experiments!

In the Meantime, I found out that Tryglyceride Fish Oil is about 70% more absorbed than Ethyl Ester Fish oil, at least for some time, so I am trying to change to Nordic Naturals to see if that also helps me more.  I take around 4 grams of EPA, a high dose of fish oil for my mental health. This is my personal choice, along with exercise ect to help boost my mood as a natural alternative

Current Weight: 146.6  lbs   Current BMI  23.3

Inside  5 lb Maintenance Range (144.5 to 149.5)

See Goal Range/Trend wieght graphed out here

Week 11 Maintenance Plan....

Monday-Friday (N days): 45 bites
Saturday-Sunday (S days): 55 bites

N day Plan..

7:30 or before Start exercising 4 miles

Meal 1 7-7:30 AM-  7 bites

Meal 2   Noon- 12:15  14 bites

Meal 3  6 PM or when family eats  24 bites

45 bites total

Questions and Comments Welcome!


  1. I' found your blog from everyday systems. I'm impressed with your dedication, but I'm curious about the number of calories you're consuming. I counted my bites and one banana for me is 22 bites. Your bites must be a little larger. Thanks in advance for your answer.

    1. Hello! Thank you for commenting! I don't know how many calories I am eating, that is the whole point, I don't have to count calories :) However, I estimate that my calories per bite is somewhere around 35 or a bit more, that would be average per bite.

    2. My bites are about 3/4 Tablespoon give or take. Small bites are great, then you just get twice as many. I like enough food in my mouth that I can taste all the different flavors better. When I took smaller ones I didn't like that as well

  2. Hi Amanda,
    My bites would be small and many which would make it a pain. Even then, I would swallow twice, so I wouldn't be counting my swallows as some instruct.
    I know how you feel about the sweets thing. Even after being on No S for a long while, I still long for the sweet treats. Hope you find your comfort zone. By the way, I'm the punctuation police. Etcetera is etc... wouldn't mention it except you use it a lot. Disregard is you don't give a flying fig :)

  3. I always need a sweet after I eat. It makes the meal end for me. Great work!

  4. Are you still doing the peanut butter & prunes after each meal? I tried but then I got sick of eating them so often. I could probably do once a day.

  5. Hi, No I stopeed the Peanut butter. Been having heart palps again and I am also trying to help my Omega 3 absorb. Peanuts and Peanut butter is high in Omega 6 which competes with and prevents Omega 3 from absorbing as good. So I still eat a little peanut butter, just not as much as I was. No, not doing the prunes, might do it again though. I did start wheat grass again. I feel more energized or something on Pines Wheat Grass powder