Thursday, April 17, 2014

Maintenance Plan for Week 10

I am trying an experemint next week. I am going to cut out candy, desserts, cookies and peanut butter for my N days. I wonder if it has been making me feel down mentally. Just trying it for one week and see how I feel. This is a one week experemint, just for Monday through Friday. That  is how the NO S diet works, Reinhard says to cut out Sweets on N days (Monday through Friday) and allow yourself treats on S days--Saturday and Sunday. I am going to increase my bite count by 2 this week, because I will be eating  more fruits and veggies and such. On Thursday, I will re-evaluate and see if I want to do it again the next week or go back to my original plan, ect.

So off to the grocery store I go to get stuff for next week N days!

Current Weight: 147.6  lbs   Current BMI  23.5

Inside  5 lb Maintenance Range (144.5 to 149.5)

See Goal Range/Trend wieght graphed out here

Week 9 Maintenance Plan....

Monday-Friday (N days): 48 bites
Saturday-Sunday (S days): 56 bites

N day Plan..

7:30 or before Start exercising 4 miles

Meal 1 7-7:30 AM-  7 bites

Meal 2   Noon- 12:15  16 bites

Meal 3  6 PM or when family eats  25 bites

48 bites total

Questions and Comments Welcome!


  1. Somehow I have managed to monitor my bites and stay around 80 all this week. I agree with limiting sugar. I try not to eat it during the day, but maybe at the end of the night, I have a few bites of some chocolate, just 3-5 or so.
    So far I'm down about 3#, which would be fine with me, if I could keep at it.

  2. You are doing good! Remember, its the daily habits that stack up and equal success! Consistency and Habits are key! Keep on going!

  3. Thanks for this excellent blog Amanda! You have really inspired me to start this new way of eating. I'm on my second day and I love it! I stopped at 71 bites yesterday and I lost 1.2 pounds, really happy about that! I started a blog to keep track of my progress, http://countingbitesdietblog.blogspot.

  4. Hi! Thanks for commenting! Keep me updated on how bite counting goes for you, Could you give me another link to your blog, I couldnt get the above link you gave me to work! 71 bites is good for starting out and congrats on losing wieght!

  5. typing from my iPad, so maybe the link isn't working, ugh! It's called "counting bites diet blog".

  6. Hi Amanda. I like eating potato chips now and then. If I counted bites, a large chip would take up 3 of my bites, as I like to savor them. How do you eat and count things like chips?

    1. I dont eat alot of chips but when I do I crush them up and 1/2 or so of a medium- large chip would fit into into one average size bite. So if you experiment and know how "much of a chip" is one bite for you.... then it should work fine, you will know that such and such amount of a chip is a bite for you... Everyone's Bite size might be a little different. My bite size is about 3/4 Tablespoon or more. I just eye it.