Thursday, May 1, 2014

Maintenance Plan for Week 12

Ive decided to keep my bite count the same for next week as I will have a Capital S day coming up in another week or two. (For those of you who are not familiar with that term, it means I am free for the most of the day   to not count bites or limit my food for the most paRt.. My dear husband takes me out to a few different restaurants and I enjoy that day!  A "free day" sort of.) Thinking about taking an S day on May 10th, not sure yet....

As you can see I lost a few pounds scince last week, but I have really been cutting down on my sweets kind of automaticly, because I was having a  suspicion  it was causing a few health problems (heart palps) So I have decided its best to to just keep things simple and not put a cap on my "allowed sweets", and let myself Intuitively  decide how many bites of sweets I want to consume in my bite count. I always am pulled towards having some protien in every meal for sure.

Someone mentioned on the No S forums how that bite counting couldnt become unconscience effort. In my experience,  Anything can become an unconscience effort when it becomes a Habit!!! 

My friend over at  has counted calorie and recorded them, day in and day out for years. She has made it a habit in her life and she has had wonderful success Maintaining her weight Long term by doing this!

Using my Eat Slower Pro App    has made it easier to become a natural habit, I don't have to put forth alot of effort to count my bites!  The app does it Automatically  for me. When I am away from home, I can simply place my phone on my lap and it automatically vibrates and counts my bites, spacing each bite around a minute apart so I can still eat  delicious foods and enjoy them, all the while eating slowly....

 By doing the same thing, day in and day out, it has become a habit for me.... It is not always perfect, but it has become a habit in my life now.

Even people who have  followed Vanilla No S for years sometimes get off track for a week or a few days. Judith Beck says, dieting and Maintaining your weight follows the following sequence: It is easy for a while and then you go through a period where it may be a bit harder, then it gets easy.... This pattern continues over and over and over again!!!

So Do What Works For YOU! That is what will make you successful in the long term!!! :)

Yay for Habits, for they are powerful things!

Current Weight: 144.4 lbs   Current BMI  23

Below  5 lb Maintenance Range (144.5 to 149.5)

See Goal Range/Trend weight graphed out here

Week 12 Maintenance Plan....

Monday-Friday (N days): 45 bites
Saturday-Sunday (S days): 55 bites

N day Plan..

7:30 or before Start exercising 4 miles

Meal 1 7-7:30 AM-  7 bites

Meal 2   Noon- 12:15  14 bites

Meal 3  6 PM or when family eats  24 bites

45 bites total

Questions and Comments Welcome!

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