Thursday, May 15, 2014

Maintenance Plan for Week 14

 I am going to stay with 40 bites next week. As you can see I am at the upper end of my Goal Range....But no spazing out!!! It will come off eventually, if I stick to my bite plan!!


Behavior= Results

Good Behavior= Good Results
Negative Behavior= Bad Results

In this I know, If I stick to the plan, the wieght drops and stays in my goal range. IF I SPAZ out that my wieght is in the upper range, and start binging, my wieght will NOT stay in the goal range. Like Reinhard Engels says, Do the Minimum Level of Requirement.  That is what keeps us in it for the long term!

No problem, if my weight is still in the upper range next Thursday at my bite Evaluation, all I have to do is simply LOWER my bites a bit more and the weight will naturally drop on its own.

Read my friend Phyllis Collins blogs about this... 

I like to have this goal range that I can move back and forth without stressing too much....

 I had a Capital S day on Last Friday and it was fun.

 I am having a few problems with exercise, burn-out and also another possible health problem that makes me not want to exercise as hard... I want to get an elliptical, that minimizes impact and also would give me a variety. 

So If I dont exercise as much or as hard, it will take less bites to maintain my wieght, and I choose what I want, and then I Accept the behavior that it will take to keep me there...In other words, accept the small amount of food it takes for me to Maintain my weight if I choose not to exercies as much/as hard.

Current Weight: 148.2 lbs   Current BMI  23

Inside   5 lb Maintenance Range (144.5 to 149.5)

See Goal Range/Trend weight graphed out here

Week 14 Maintenance Plan....

Monday-Friday (N days): 40 bites
Saturday-Sunday (S days): 50 bites

N day Plan..

7:30 or before Start exercising 3-4 miles

Meal 1 7-7:30 AM-  6 bites

Meal 2   Noon- 12:15  12 bites

Meal 3 6-6:30 or when family eats 22 bites

Total: 40 Bites

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