Monday, November 11, 2013

30 bites a day

Ive been doing around 30 bites a day now for almost 5 days.  One day I did 35 bites.

In the last week I have lost

November 4th  200 lbs
November 11th 194.4 lbs

5.6 lbs lost

I like that rate of weight loss. Im sure I will have to go below 30 bites to continue going that fast, but for now that's what is working.

How big are your bites?

My bites are on average normal sized. Not piled high  normally and not just a teaspoon either. I would say a rounded Tablespoon on average. 

When I first started I would stuff my mouth sometimes and count that as a bite, but now I know I wont lose weight if I do that! So more normal sized bites it is!


  1. 2 questions:

    1. 30 bites per day or per meal?

    2. How low per meal can you go?

  2. 30 bites per day.

    You can go as low as you want per meal. I have eat meals/snacks with only a few bites

  3. You can start higher than 30 bites per day, and work your way down. The main thing is if you are losing at the rate you want to.

    My wieght loss has slowed, so I am going down to 20 bites a day because I want to lose 4-5 lbs a week no less than 3 per week.

    Some people would be happy with 1 lb per week, so you could eat more bites to lose at that rate

  4. I have been eating 30 bites for 3 days. I have list 2 pounds and feel really great

  5. I have been using portion control for a while instead of dieting. I had been eating 1/2 meals and have analyzed 1/2 of a meal is 5 bites per meal. I eat 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks. This has been a great no calorie count way to lose weight. I am 82 and very short so a weight loss is great I also walk daily and use the pool. I can't believe how easy this.hss been I am using an app called counting bites. I'll keep u posted

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  7. I've been tired today. I did get off schedule and ate a couple pieces of fruit and dark chocolate because I was away from home. By the time I ate I was really hungry and ended up eating 5 extra bites. Now this evening I have my energy back and feel fine. So far I've had a weight loss every day. We'll see.

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    1. I lost only 2 pounds first week but not bad. That could mean 8 pounds a month

    2. How did your journey go I am 62 and beginning this journey today