Friday, November 29, 2013

Shift your bites

Did you know that shifting your bites helps you stay on plan during times like the holidays--Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years?

These holidays are harder for people to stay on track. Make yourself a goal amount of bites to eat for that special day you are celebrating.

For example, if you are normally on 30 bites a day, allow  yourself 60 bites. This is 100 times better to Set Yourself Up for Success!! By this I mean, make a goal amount of bites you can stick to, and that you will feel like gives you some wiggle room to enjoy a bit more food than you normally eat.

The other option that might happen is if you try to limit yourself to 30 bites on Thanksgiving or Christmas, it could be an invitation to just throw up your hands and binge!

 But by giving yourself more bites, you are still setting a limit, and, more chance than not, probably eating less food than you normally would have before you started counting your bites

I know this is true for me! An Unlimited Binge is completely different than allowing yourself a place to stop. When you get to your bite limit on that once in a blue moon holiday, you are done!

Be picky on what days you allow yourself more bites. Save it for extra special occasions!  Don't do it too often, or you will not be successful in losing/maintaining weight.

I have found that by allowing more bites on special occasions, it helps me to stay on track  better with meeting my weight loss goals!

So much better to meet the goal you set for yourself over those special days, then it is to  set a goal amount of bites that is too stringent, and end up binging!

Always, Always, Always Set yourself Up for Success!!!

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