Friday, November 8, 2013

The Ultimate 21st Century Diet 25 bites by Jay Bysinger review

I got  this in the mail today.  It is similar to all the other bite plans out there, but he recomends 25 bites Breakfast, Lunch and Supper. He also counts  some high calorie food as 2 bites per bite. So that seems a bit confusing to me. Anyway, it still is confirmation that counting bites works for other people. It  is legitamite, unlike some other poeple think!

Counting bites is also very free-ing for those of us, who need some kind of a marker or limit for portion control, and yet its not time-consuming like point counting and calorie counting is.

Also, Ive did intuitive eating before and I would argue with myself ALOT whether I was "truly" hungry? Or whether I was "truly" full?  With the bite plan, there is a clear place to stop. When the alotted bites are up, your done..... Thats it.   to go over your bites means you have to make the choice to deal with whatever consequences comes with eating over your bite limit.

And with hunger, I was always focusing on it, looking for it,ect ALL DAY LONG. Now hunger comes naturally alot, I dont have to obssess!

Its so easy, Im actually thinking LESS about food and eating than I was when I was doing the wait unitl your hungry, then eat until your full method before. Sure, it worked, but it took alot more mental arguing with myself and stuff.

I also set meals for myself eating only 3 times per day, that also takes alot of arguing whether or when I should eat. If its not meal time, I dont need to eat!

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