Thursday, November 21, 2013

What do I use to count bites with?

Ive tried it and it doesn't work very good--counting bites in my head--that is!! I get confused. Was I on bite number 4 or 5? Maybe it was 6! LOL!! It gets confusing fast to try to count bites in your head!

If you are only counting a few at a time (such as 3-5) it may work to count in your head, but much past that and it doesn't seem to work very well.

There are several ways to keep track of how many bites you  have taken.

 When I first started bite counting a few years ago, I started out with a simple Golf counter  like this from amazon. Its really cheap...only 1.85 on amazon right now.

Its actually what Dr. Black from the Family Circle article recommends. (see first post in this blog)

So if you want to go the simple, cheap route, this works well! Just press the plunger every time you take a bite. I usually reset it at each meal and kept track of how many bites I ate for each meal and the whole day on paper or something.

The second way you can keep track of bites is even cheaper, but I think it would be more hassle! It is using a pencil pen and paper.  You simply make a mark each time you take a bite

I learned about it from a video on vimeo, from the one of the founders of 80 bites, and a women who lost ALOT of weight counting her bites. You can find the link here to watch the video, its also a great testimonial how good counting bites works

This women lost 220 lbs counting her bites! Talk about a testimonial!

The 3rd way you can do it is a free tally counter app on your phone

The 4th and 5th way to count bites is 2 different apps for iphone/ android

I use Eat Slower Pro app, and its what I highly recommend. I can count my bites, eat slowly, and see how many bites Ive ate at this meal, and for the total day at a glance. It only cost 99 cents, so for you iphone users out there, I think it is so worth it!  I have mine set to 1 minute between bites and that helps me eat slow too, which is very important in the process of feeling  satisfied with less food, and less bites.

And it also shows you your average bites for the last 90 days which so encouraging as you can see your count gradually go down!

The 5th way that I know of is the 80 bites app, which I have on my phone, but I  don't use this one

80 bites has an android and an iphone app so that is an option for the android users!

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