Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Adjusting your bite count

My moving average has dropped to about 3 lbs a week loss according to happy scale. I don't want to lose any less than 3 lbs a week. Here are quotes from the article in my first post on this blog....

The bite diet is intended to achieve moderate changes of two to five pounds a week, but, more important to set a lifelong pattern of eating that will maintain these changes.

No Matter what you eat, if your chart shows no weight loss, you simply have to take fewer bites.

-- Continue to keep your tally sheet with weight, date, and bites per day, reducing or adjusting your bite count till you have the right number to lose weight at the rate you want.

Adjusting my bite count....So obviously my weight has slowed quite a bite. I figured that might happen, and it is simply time to lower that bite count per day again. My body has lost 26 lbs now, and it doesn't need as many calories as it did!

Back when I have lost weight successfully in the past with Intuitive Eating, I often counted bites, and when I was losing good, my bite count was as low as around 20 or so. So I know that this is normal for my body to only want a tiny amount of food while losing steadily.

So here are my stats for around 30 bites a day for last week (60 bites allowed on Sunday)

November 11, 2013 194.4 lbs
November 18, 2013 192.2 lbs

So only a 2.2 lb loss. Which is still good, but drastically getting slower! so I  have went down to 20 bites a day this week.


  1. This is an interesting idea, and it looks like you've been very successful with it! I'm going to try it--- counting bites for 3 or 4 days to establish a baseline and then I'll adjust from there. If I can figure out a number that will get me 1 lb. lost each week I'd be ecstatic:) Thanks for the idea and for posting the original 1977 article.

  2. Thanks for commenting! I would like to get the word out about bite counting more, as a legitimate way to lose weight! Update on how it goes for you!

    For more support, you can join the 5 bite forum, alot of us are counting bites over there http://5bitediet.find-forum.net/ Even though I eat more than 10 bites a day, we support each other, on whatever or however we choose to eat! Another good place to go is the 5 bite facebook group here