Sunday, January 25, 2015

5 bite diet TIPS part 4 : How big is a bite?

1 snicker bar = 5 bites

1 snicker bar =  about  ⅓ cup

1 bite =  1 Tablespoon

5 bites =  ⅓ cup

8 bites = ½ cup

10 bites = ⅔ cup

16 bites = 1 cup

What about food like sandwiches that I bite off?
Everyone’s bite size is a little different.

Dr. Lewis considers ½ of a sandwich = 10 bites
(not the little McDonald's sandwiches)

Another option to measure “bites” that some people use is:
(Dr. Lewis does not go by calories, but some people use this variation)

5 bites = 250 calories

For example:

1 Lean pocket = 5 bites (250 calories or so)
1 protein bar = 5 bites (around 250 calories)
1 smoothie = 5 bites (around 250 calories)
Healthy choice/Lean Cuisine/Trader joes meals that are 250 calories = 5 bites


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