Sunday, January 4, 2015

5 bite/ bite counting Facebook Groups

Did you know it is proven in  studies that people who participate in Social Support groups, etc online lose more weight and are more successful in their efforts than people who try to do it all on their own?

Quote "Successful weight loss is strongly associated with social support, according to Psychology Today"

This study used Twitter, but I believe Facebook groups would probably be comparable to Twitter


 "study by researchers at the University of South Carolina's Arnold School of Public Health has found that using Twitter, the popular information network joining people throughout the world, is a valuable support system for helping people lose weight.
Led by Arnold School researcher Brie Turner-McGrievy, the study found that Twitter use among participants in a weight loss program enhanced the likelihood of their success at shedding pounds. Published in Translational Behavioral Medicine this week, the study also revealed that participants mainly used Twitter to provide information support to one another through status updates."

There are  Supportive, Encouraging Facebook groups for people who follow various Bite Counting methods including the 5 bite diet and other variations.  Some people that participate in these groups DO modify the 5 bite diet for themselves and are successful . I am one of those who modified into my own bite counting method that worked for me..These groups are in general have members who are maintaining and/or  in active weight loss. 

Here are the links to the Private Facebook Groups

1. Why Weight Around Warriors group.  (5 bite diet and other bite counting methods and modifications)

2. 5 bite Diet Support group

3. Count Bites, Not Calories group

4. Fast Five with Five Bite Diet group

5.  5  Bite Diet Indonesia  group

6.  5 bite diet Maintainers group

 Join a supportive group or community today and be well on your way to successful weight loss! It could be just what you need to help you get started and finally be successful!

Here are some tips:

Participate in group challenges
         take pictures of your "bites"
                  take before and after pictures
                          post often for accountability   
                                      Encourage others, and be encouraged!

comments and questions are welcome!

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