Wednesday, January 7, 2015

5 bite diet TIPS part 1

This is a new blog series called 5 bite diet TIPS
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Here are a few tips to help your journey with the 5 bite diet etc go smoothly

Tip #1  Take a high potency  multivitamin.  Potassium is very important during Rapid Weight loss. To help with Potassium or if I felt a little funny, I would take a Tablespoon or less of powdered wheat grass, which is high in potassium. You don't need to count this as a bite, and it should not mess up the fasting state. Vitamins should be taken with food unless they are a whole food multivitamin for optimum absorption. 

Tip #2 TMI alert!!! Keep things moving! This helps keep the scale moving downward at a regular interval! I use Magnesium Citrate supplement. It is cheap and easy to obtain. I take around 2 tsp--1200 mg a day each night before going to bed. This keeps everything running more smoothly. Your optimum dosage may be less than 1200. Even 600 mg a day will help. This is what I use, but any brand should work/help  

Tip #3 Blood sugar:  If you feel your blood sugar is dropping (cant think clearly or glucose monitor shows a low reading, etc) Again, I have used wheat grass to help stabilize blood sugar and help me feel more perky while eating low bites, etc.  Also, I allow myself 5 bites for medical reasons (headache and need Tylenol, low blood sugar symptoms or feel funny) just don't use that as an excuse to eat more food! :) If you absolutely need to eat for a medical reason, Keep your bites small, and eat something with protein and carbs to stabalize blood sugar. It is nice to know you have an option to eat if you  have a true medical reason!  I have also used Green Tea while fasting and it seemed to help feel more perky.

Tip #4 Protein:  This is pretty important. The doctor says to get 1 bite of Protein a day. I think I usually tried for more than 1 bite of protein. (see the next tip) On the flip side, you do not want 100% protein. :) you need some carbs too.

Tip #5 Peanut Butter:  This is optional of course, but i used Peanut butter (1 bite or more with each meal) during alot of the active phase of my weight loss. Peanut butter is actually proven to help decrease hunger and increase weight loss.... You can find the research and more info on peanut butter in my blog post here

Tip #6 Eggs:  Another optional tip, but this is an easy way to get protein in. For me, 1 egg= 2 bites. Eggs are healthy for you and proven to help with weight loss and insulin resistance. Plus it is an easy thing to grab! I do hard boiled and fried.  Research on eggs and weight loss

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  1. Excellent tips! I'm stopping by whole foods on my way home to pick up a couple of these items. I'm excited for the wheatgrass, was thinking I would squeeze a little orange in there, which is how they make the shots I've bought in the past. Do you mix it with cold water mostly?

  2. I use Amazing Grass wheat grass powder right now, I don't have any experience with the shots. :) I just put the powder on my tongue and then swish with water and swallow. And usually follow with more water. :) Mixing powder or shot with water should work fine.

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