Monday, January 5, 2015

Accountability and Motivation: Join me on the Two Grand app!

There is an app I recommend called Two Grand that is completely free for both Android and iphone !

You post pictures of your food/bites for accountability/motivation/tracking.   Kind of like Facebook for food tracking.  You can follow people and other people can follow you.

Come join us on the Two Grand app, there is a small community of 5 biters/bite counters there.

My username is AmandaW if you wish to follow me.   If you wish to follow a group of 5 biters and/or others who use a variation of 5 bite/or counting bites, Click on the the Following button under my profile.  I am following  those who do 5 bite or variations of bite counting,etc.  Then you can follow the same group of people if you wish to.


The app takes pictures of your food, you can add comments, you can like others food choices, comment on  your friends posts, and also set up challenges and record your wieght loss progress.

Highly recommend it, and it is free!

1 comment:

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